Friday, February 14, 2014

Film Review - The Lego Movie

We first meet Emmet Brickowski (voiced by Chris Pratt) as he wakes up to start his day. He grabs his trusty instruction book titled How to fit in, have everybody like you and always be happy then begins to follow the rules as he does everyday. He showers, takes times to exercise followed by eating a complete breakfast. Next Emmet heads off to work almost forgetting his clothes as he accidentally skipped that page in his book. As he a heads to work he smiles to everyone he meets even the barista  that sells him a cup of coffee for $37.00 that he is compelled to buy every morning.  Emmet does not have thoughts that are not directed by or started by someone else. At his construction job he does nothing to stand out.  At one moment Emmet has an inkling of an original thought but that is quickly washed away by a clip from everyone's favourite show Where are My Pants. The work day continues as the workers sing the theme song to their life Everything is Awesome.

At the end of the workday Emmet is headed with his co-workers to the local sports bar to cheer on the home team.  As he is agreeing with the recommendation of the group for the evening his instruction book is blown away. When he goes to retrieve it  he notes a shadowy figure in a restricted area. He begins to follow the rules for this circumstance but freezes kicking off a series of events that changes the course of his life forever.

Thus begins Peter Lord & Christopher Miller's The Lego Movie. The directors have created a unique world to tell their tale.  The visuals are bright, sharp and crisp featuring everyday Lego figures that have sprung to life.

The story is both straight forward yet complicated at the same time. President Business (Will Farrow) steals the ultimate weapon, runs his Octan Corporation soon becoming supreme ruler of the world. His goal to stop all new building, stifle creativity and cease everyone ability from changing the world he built. Armed with his weapon KRAzyGLuE  is diabolical plan is to spray the KRAGLE from a sopisticated delivery device in order to freeze the world in place. Opposed to President Business are the Master Builders the best and brightest Lego artist in the world led by Vitrivius (voiced by Morgan Freedman) and Wildstyle (voiced by Elizabeth Banks) along with several D.C universe, sports and pop culture heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shaq, Abraham Lincoln and Millhouse. President Business is viewed as the altruistic ruler by the citizens that follow his book of rules, watch his T.V. Show and sing his song while they miss his subliminal commands. Meanwhile in the shadows with the help of his main henchman bad cop (voiced by Liam Neeson) he hunts down the Master Builders as his plot to freeze the world comes closer to fruition.

The animated film seemingly aimed at kids has very powerful messages on the ills of conformity plus society's willingness to be distracted and fooled. The story shows how in today's society when someone steps out from or away from the herd they are unusual, dangerous and considered a threat to the rulers. It also has a strong message against multi dimensional conglomerates that control the news, television, music and often run or own all of our social and pleasure activities.

Frantically paced, The Lego Movie is an excellent superbly presented film that I highly recommend. The writing is witty, the plot moves fast containing a message that is highly important for todays world.

**** out of 4.

The Lego Movie | Peter Lord & Christopher Miller | U.S.A | 2014 | 100 Minutes.

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