Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Film Review - Deadpool

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an ex-special forces turned mercenary that is working with a group that settles personal scores for clients. Wilson tends to be friendly to his victims and targets. If he judges his targets not to be too bad a person he will threaten them instead of dishing out real physical harm to get his point across. Into his day to day existence walks cocktail waitress Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). The pair click, plan to start their life together until a serious health issue arises. Wilson desperate to do all he can to be with Vanessa responds to an offer from a rouge facility that fixes his problem gives him super healing powers but the side effects are significant and steal much of his former self except for his twisted wit.

Director Tim Miller and writers Rob Liefeld, Fabien Niciea produce a film that close followers of the character agree touches all of the obligatory pressure points. Deadpool's main trait is his self awareness. He knows that he is a character in a comic book and breaks the fourth wall often to let the reader know.  In the film from the opening credits this theme is obvious.  Shots are taken at formulated scrips that feature the girl, the obligatory british villain and the writers who are the real stars of the production. Ryan Reynolds does not escape the wrath of the writing team.  There are several shots taken as his horrific turn as Green Lantern. Shots at Wolverine that gave birth to the character which leads to a running references to Hugh Jackman through ought the film.

The main story revolves around Wilson goal to get back at the people that experimented on him and finding their leader Francis (Ed Skerin) to try to reverse the side effects that he is suffering. Feeling that once he is normal he can win back Vanessa. The plot is straightforward but the story is told non linear starting with an intense shootout on a bridge with Deadpool hot on the heals of his main target.

Ryan Reynolds finds the anti-hero he is meant to play as Deadpool. His razor wit shines and the cracks come so fast that as the viewer is absorbing one three more rush by. Ty Miller is strong as Weasel the bartender at the mercenaries hideout filling the sidekick role. Karan Soni (Dopinger) steals his two scenes as the designated Deadpool' taxi driver equipped with a back story and two running gags that I don't want to spoil here.

Deadpool is a pseudo super hero film that really earns its hard US restricted rating.  The film is fast paced full of action featuring jagged crisp dialogue. Fans who know the character well will find the creators hit all of the expected highlights.

*** Out of 4

Deadpool | Tim Miller | U.S.A. / Canada | 2016 | 108 Minutes.

Tags: Special Forces, Mercenary, Mutant, Taxi, Revenge, Healing Powers, Marvel Comics, Self awareness.

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