Wednesday, March 1, 2017

TBFF17 Film Review - Destined

Parallel universes are often a topic of popular discussion.  The theory that there are other worlds where your in a different spot has been the subject of endless stories and conversation. In Destined  Cory Hardrict is the lead for two stories. One as Rasheed where he takes the path to be an architect while in the other as Sheed he rises to be the drug lord ruling the seedy areas of Detroit.

We first meet Raseed/Sheed as a young kid working a corner for the local drug dealer. The dealer likes to use 14 year olds because if caught they're juveniles meaning their records will be expunged when they become adults. Sheed is part of a deal gone bad is forced to escape leading to an incident that's life changing for Dylan Holder (Jesse Metcalfe) starting him on a path him to a career of fighting against the perpetrators of the activities that directly effected his life.

In the companion story Rasheed is a young brilliant architect working long tireless hours. He comes up with a plan for his old depressed neighbourhood that his bosses appear lukewarm then champion when the Mayor supports it at a big city event. They introduce Rasheed as the fact of the project but may have ulterior motives.

Several actors do the double dip in the production. Robert Christopher Riley plays city employee Calvin trying to point out to Rasheed the harm his bosses plan to bring to his childhood home. In the other tale he is Sheed's top lieutenant. Zulay Henao is strong as Giselle Sheed's childhood sweetheart who's returned to the community to pursue her education.

Writer director Qasim Basir keeps the intensity high in both stories. A narrative about a drug dealer is a natural high wire act but Basir skill to keep the temperature high recounting the potential critic choices of an architect is where his writing truly shines.

Destined is two stories running simultaneously that meld into one.  The transitions are seamless to the point that the viewer has to really pay attention to know which story is at the fore and could even have the impression that Architect Rasheed is moonlighting as a drug dealer in his down hours. Cory Hardrict is the right choice for the dual leads in this intense drama that I can fully recommend.

*** 1/2 Out of 4.

Destined | Qasim Basir | USA | 2016 | 95 Minutes.

Tags: Detroit, Ford Field, Projects, Corporate Politics, Drug Dealer, Drug Addict, Fatherhood. Family.

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