Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hot Docs '18 Film Review - King Lear

Veteran actor Viktor Rotin sees his life as mirroring that of King Lear. The 86-year-old is in the same age range as the Shakespearian King and identifies with adult children nipping at his heels. His biggest complaint is the scene where King Lear addresses his kids in the play. The king is seen as vain but Rotkin sees Lear as expressing love for his youngest Cordelia. Early on in the piece, our protagonist attends a lecture from a visiting English scholar arguing his view on the subject.

Director Denis Klebleev follows around the larger than life Rotin as he goes about his daily life. In the opening scene, the actor is caring to the graves of relatives stating that his labour is his gift to the departed below as he could easily pay for strangers to do the same task. Klebleev trains his lens on Rotin as he storms around the countryside riding motorcycles, traveling on trains and dropping in at his chess club. Often ending his day laying on a hallway couch After world win days often laying on a hallway couch with a deer print perched above his head.

As the viewer spends more time with the Actor his pressure points become plain. His ex-wife who never let him live with his kids, His kids who are only after his money and his willingness to launch into a monologue from the play at any moment. Usually going to his to his favourite passage a passionate plea to his youngest daughter Cordelia who the King expected to take care of him in his later years. So when he attends an experimental screening his reaction to the actors being silent on stage is as to be expected. In King Lear Klebleev follows literally an example of life imitating art absorbing all of its personal and professional consequence.

*** Out of 4.

King Lear | Denis Klebleev | Russia | 2017 | 56 Minutes.

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