Tuesday, October 24, 2017

imagineNATIVE 17 Film Review - Out of State

Kalani, David and Hale are the three main subjects of Ciara Lucy's Out of State. The three men were at different stages within the prison system. Kalani is the most permanent serving a life sentence with no chance for parole for 45 years. Hale is coming to the end of a 15 year stint while David has been in and out of prison and about to be released at the films opening. The men are housed in Saguaro Correctional in Arizona a for profit prison that was built especially for Hawaiians due to overcrowding back home. The inmates are 3000 miles from home making any family visits impossible. Therefore the men focus on their culture. Kalani is one of the main teachers. Imparting knowledge of the Maori language, Dance, Music, writings and culture.

David is the first to be released back home. He lands a job that turns out to be part time teaching the Haka war dance that does not produce enough income to cover rent and alimony. A fight with a student leads to a fast dismissal. David is proud and closed off despite the best efforts of his daughter and court appointed therapist making his release not go so well.

Hale lands a job as a driver for an airport shuttle service while on work furlough back on the island. He has a woman that loves him and he will get married as soon as he is fully paroled. Hales support system plus his humility will set him up for success.

Kalenee remains behind bars, far away from home serving his time filling his days writing, educating and teaching the new and serving inmates as they come to the prison.

The film can be a tool for the viewer to feel empathy for the images gong though this process and lead to discussion for moving these Hawaiians out of these far away for profit prisons back to facilities on the island. But that cost money and at the moment the government is not willing to spend. On the island prison is seen as punishment thus the men are out of site out of mind forgotten by the community. The film could lead to the population seeing the possibility of rehabilitation in a prison closer to home.

** 1/2 Out of 4.

Out of State | Ciara Lucy | U.S.A. | 82 Minutes.

Tags: For Profit Prison, Life Sentence, Alimony, Haka War Dance, Marriage, Work Furlongs, Driver, Teacher, Maori Culture.

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