Sunday, June 10, 2018

Film Review - Ocean's 8

Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) opens the same way as her brother Danny (George Clooney) did his first Ocean's film. She's before the parole board, promises to be a good girl if she's released, collects her formal wear then heads to see her number one in this case Lou (Cate Blanchett) instead of Brad Pitt's Rusty. Next, they begin to recruit to pull off the heist she has been planning for the 5 plus years she has been in prison. They need a fashion designer, a fencer, a hacker, a hustler and a gem expert to steal a near priceless diamond neckless off the neck of Ball guest of honor actress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) who Debbie and Lou declare that they can't use.  The exclusive Gala's theme this year is European Royalty. The first recruit is the Vivianne Westwoodesque designer Rose Weil (Helena Bonham Carter) She's positioned to dress Kluger then dispatched to France to borrow the 150 Million dollar Toussaint necklace as the perfect topper to Kluger's look for the evening. Mandy Kalings's Amita knows gems, semi-retired fence Tammy (Sarah Paulson) join's up. Awkwafina hustles as Constance while computers and security are handled by 9 Ball (Rihanna).

Director Gary Ross who also has a co-writing credit with Olivia Milch tip's his cap to the Soderbergh trilogy ay to the long with Mission Impossible series. There are special eyeglasses plus food tampering that sends Daphne Kluger running to the ladies room; the spot for the team make their move. The story runs along almost too smoothly until the first snag appears once the Toussaint is clasped around Daphne's neck. The audience and some of the characters are not aware of the true scope of the plan until the third act reveal keeping in line with past con artist plot .

Sandra Bullock leads the crew as Debbie Ocean. She is the kid sister of Danny having many of his same traits. She's been in a New Jersey women's prison for five years after being double-crossed by her Manhattan artist boyfriend. Bullock and Cate Blanchett's Lou have great chemistry on screen as they banter about past colleagues, why the job needs to be done and how women call pull this off because women are usually ignored.  Helen Bonham Carter is at her hair-brained best as Rose Weil a former 80's icon that owes the IRS a big chunk of cash as her collections continue to fail. Look for James Corbin as the practical Insurance investigator. He's not looking to place blame he just wants the neckless back.

Ocean's 8 is an enjoyable caper flick. It hits all of the formulaic notes in the early going then picks up speed as Daphne is doing her final fitting with the Toussaint before the event. The crew members play multiple roles that are all kept straight under the watchful eye of director Gary Ross. It slots nicely in behind Ocean's 13 with a couple of cameo's from that trilogy plus some celebrity ones from regular Met Gala attendees.

*** Out of 4

Ocean's 8 | Gary Ross | U.S.A. | 2018 | 110 Minutes.

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