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Joe Simmons ( Gordon-Levitt)  is a Looper meaning that he is a contract killer for the Mob of the future. Time travel is outlawed in the future and controlled by the mob. Tracking technology is also very advanced therefore the mob cannot dispose of their victims in 2074. Instead  they use Loopers 30 years in the past to kill their victims and dispose of the body.  No body, no potential case against the mob. Each looper has a spot where the mob sends their victims. Joe's is at the edge of a cornfield.  The victim arrives at the usual  time of the day. Joe measures the time by pocket watch and shoots the victim as soon as they materialize from the future.

Then eventually the Mob send you your future self to kill to leave the no trace of the contract killer otherwise know as  closing your loop. It is met with a payoff of gold and a pass to live the next 30 years as a rich man.

The world of 2044  is not a happy one. Most of the people appear to be homeless and looking to steal just about anything that they can. The cars run off solar panels and have hoses running into the gas tank. Some people have telekinetic powers but they are minor and at most can levitate small items in their hand.

As a Looper Joe is able to keep an apartment and has a vintage vehicle that he drivers around town.  He gets paid in silver that is strapped to the back of each target sent 30 years into the past by the Mob. Joe's  best friend Seth who is also a Looper and they hang out at a club that is owned by their boss Abe ( Jeff Daniels) who is from the future.  Abe has a special relations ship with Joe as he is he youngest Looper that Abe every hired Abe saw that he could do the job and put a gun in Joe's hand.

Joe sees a working girl Susie (Piper Perabo) at the club and spends his off hours with her.  She has a child and Joe's wants to look out for the both of them. Most of the crowd at the club is hooked on a drug that is taken using an eyedropper.

Seth's future self is send back for Seth to kill. Seth can't do it as Old Seth sings a familiar tune from his youth. Old Seth runs and Seth goes to Joe for protection. Joe gives up his friend and both Old and young Seth are dealt with harshly.

Rumours start amongst the Looper's that a new boss in the future the Rainmaker has taken over power and is closing out all of the loops.

Joe is at his usual location for a kill and his old self (Bruce Willis) returns gets the jump on Joe and escapes.

They agree to meet in the Diner that Joe's normally frequents post kill and Old Joe tells Joe his plan to kill the Rainmaker as a kid.  Old Joe's Intel has information on three children born on the same day in the same hospital and one of the three is the  rainmaker.  Old Joe escapes again but Joe gets the location  of one of the targets and heads to the farm where the kid lives.

Joe is discovered by the farm owner  Sara. He is allowed to stay but has to stay outside and away from her child Cid.  However Cid is curious and interacts with Joe on a regular basis.

A fellow looper Zack checking for Old Joe comes to the farm and realizes that Sara is not there alone.   Zack leaves and returns and Cid reveals  his previously hidden abilities.

Old Joe works through the first two targets but is caught by the mob and brought to headquarters.

Old Joe gets the better of the Mob and escapes in a Mob owned truck.

Old Joe makes his way to the farm determined to kill Cid.  Young Joe sees how this is going to play out and takes a step to alter the expected ending.

Rating ***1/2 out of 4

LOOPER   Action Sci-Fi Thriller Directed by Rian Johnson 119 Minutes 

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