Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seven Psychopaths


I saw the Martin McDonagh  film the Seven Psychopaths ( Rated R 110 min  USA) this past week. This was a film that I was not able to fit in at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival but from comments from other festival goers was anxious to see.  His prior film In Bruges was also a favourite at TIFF 2008 and starred Colin Farrell.

The Film has a great opening scene with rich dialogue featuring two hit men who are about complete a job.  However, their dialogue purposefully directs the viewer away from a key element of the scene  and gets the audience ready to expect the unexpected.

The main character of the film Marty (Farrell) is a want to be screenwriter who spends most of his days drinking. His best friend is Billy (Sam Rockwell) an unemployed actor passes his time running a dog napping business with Hans (Christopher Walken).  Their capers normally involve keeping the dogs for a day or two and then returning them to the owners and reluctantly accepting a reward.

Marty has an idea to write a screenplay titled the Seven Psychopaths. Billy tries to help out by telling his friend stories about potential characters to get Marty past the couple of lines he has on paper.

The story heats up when the dog nappers kidnap the prize Shih Tzu of a local gangster ( Woody Harrelson).

Seven Psychopaths is a dialogue witty film that I would definitely recommend.

Rating  ***1/2

[ Rating system is out of 4 but if I hunt down a classic like the Deer Hunter out comes the 5 Star review]

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