Monday, July 31, 2017

Fantasia '17 Film Review - Mayhem

Derrick Cho (Stephen Chen) started out as a fresh faced employee at Towers & Smythe Consulting. His firm was responsible for finding a loophole in the law that allowed Nevel Reid to skate on a murder charge because the infectious red eye virus causes victims to loose control of their ID, want to have sexual relations in public and are willing to beat up or kill anyone that looks at them the wrong way. The virus is not fatal and there is a cure but it takes a while for the antidote to take effect,

Derrick is framed by The Siren (Caroline Chizkie) called so because she has the ear of the C.E.O. John Towers (Steve Brand) Derrick is blamed by The Siren for a million dollar error on a file he never touched but was assigned to him in an outdated system. Derrick tries to plead his case but is fired. His last act was to deny an appeal of a foreclosure for Melanie Cross (Samantha Weaving) The CDC descend on the Towers building as reading show that the Red eye virus has broken out in the he building. The antidote has been piped in but the premises are under full lockdown for the next 8 hours. Derrick is thrown into a basement room where he's met by Melanie. As the virus starts to take effect they both realize that they have 8 hours for Derrick to get his job back and Melanie to reverse the foreclosure order.

Director Joe Lynch working off Matais Caruso's script takes a big run at corporate culture, backs up and runs over it again. TSC Legal Structure is literally a corporate elevator (ladder) You need a level card or a key code to get to the 8th Floor then a level three Card to get to the next step then further cleanse to get up to the Penthouse where the Boss and gang of 9 board of directors reside. The virus brings out the hidden emotions to the surface. Co-workers and beating , strangling and stabbing each other. Others are shouting at customers and breaking equipment while out duo load up with hammers, drills, saws and axes in the basement then begin their climb up to the Penthouse to set thing right.

Stephen Chen of walking dead fame is clearly at home in a chaotic situation where a virus effects the general population. As the movie progresses he throughs off his corporate restraint looking to do what right for himself and fixing Melanie's dilemma. Australian actress Samantha Weaver shines as the wronged, no nonsense or mercy property owner with a rage on for all suits as she tries to get her foreclosure reversed. Steve Brand is brilliant over the top billing obsessed, cocaine addict C.E.O. that uses corporate perks to pit employees against each other at they battle to climb the floors at Towers & Smythe.

Mayhem is a dark view of the corporate world. Employees betray each other, treat clients unfairly, cover up their errors and if they can't sweep mistake under the rug find someone junior to take the fall. It's a film for anyone who every worked in a dysfunctional office or wanted to punch a co-worker or boss in the mouth. And since its lawyer tearing each other apart theres some satisfaction for all of you out there who hate lawyers as well.

*** 1/2  Out of 4.

Mayhem | Joe Lynch | U.S.A. | 2017 | 86 Minutes.

Tags: Virus, Foreclosure, Key Card, Termination, Billings, Nail Gun, Code, Elevator, Painting.

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