Monday, July 31, 2017

Fantasia "17 Film Review - Night is Short Walk on Girl

Senpai (Upperclassman) has a crush on The Girl with the Black Hair (Underclassman) but he is unable to tell her. Instead he arranges to be where she is and continue to run into her by coincidence. He is hopeful that all of these chance meetings will make her see that they are meant to be together. The film opens with a wedding for a university friend. Senpai's handsome friend who can pass as a girl mocks him for his cowards towards the girl. His other friend Don Underpants so named because he refused to change them until he meets a girl that he saw once and fell instantly in love drinks one beer after another slamming his mug on the table. The wedding is nice but the after party is the main event. Senpai plans to sit next to The Girl there and tell her his feelings. However the pair end up on separate paths The Girl at a drinking competition Ri Haku while Senpai is pants by Ri Haku's henchmen leaving him searching for a replacement pair of underpants.

The narrative is split into four parts: the drinking competition, a book fair, a school festival and a cold outbreak. Director Masaaki Yusa blends the elements of Tomohiko Morimi's novel together to bring a seamless transition into each new chapter.  Each section of the production has a peak the above mentioned drinking competition in the first, the eating of life altering hot food in the second, The final scene of the school musical in the third and The Girl's attempts to get to Senpai's house in the fourth.

Yusa fills the screen with colour, moving pieces and multiples. He seems to have a thing for Carp in this film as they continue to show up repeatedly in the visuals and as part of the narrative. His best work displaying the different elements battling in Senpai's head as he learns that the Girl is coming to his house showcasing his decision making process as what he should do. The story features many comedic moments the pinnacle being the final scene in the student play. Where multiple characters hit the stage professing love for one another including Don Underpants finally learning the truth about his long missing love.

Night is Short Walk on Girl is a musical jaunt through the seedy and fun section of Kyoto. The party is non stop as the nightlife rages leading to the tipping of many classes. The spector of Ri Haku is always present and the device of watches spinning faster the older you are to signify time passing faster is a nice touch.

*** Out of 4.

Night is Short Walk on Girl | Massaki Yusa | Japan | 2017 | 93 Minutes.

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