Sunday, November 19, 2017

BiTS '17 Film Review - Buckout Road

Three students decide to do a project on an infamous road in their Westchester New York town. After completing their project they all begin to have strange dreams based on the stories then fear they may be killed. One story is shown grindhouse style featuring two albino cannibals who appear along the road if you park and honk your horn three times. A second surrounds a wife that's accused by her husband of being impregnated by a slave. She defends herself when he attacks producing a fatal result. The third is the story of three witches who were hunted down and burned at the stake right on the roadway.

Into this environment comes Aaron Powell (Evan Ross) home from the military to stay with his grandfather (Danny Glover). Dr. Powell has a session with Cleo Harris (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) one of the students from the project. Aaron strikes up a conversation with Cleo then begins to have dreams about the urban legends himself. The twist with Aaron is he can interact with the historical figures in the nightmares as opposed to being paralyzed by the events.

Aaron joins Cleo and the Ganzer twins to do some more investigation into the Buckout Farmhouse owned by slaveowner John Buckout and wife Mary, the disheveled house of the two albinos then the  three witches that were killed that is marked by three x's on the road. They learn the story of the witches is real and that they may be being punished for their project doubting the myths.

Buckout Road is a psychological thriller, horror, mystery and historical fable mixed together. The ensemble cast does not make a false step in the piece. The young leads are backed by a veteran core of actors that beside Danny Glover include Henry Czerny and Colm Feore. If you're looking for a historical thriller with secrets passed down and protected through generations then this film is for you.

*** Out of 4.

Buckout Road | Matthew Currie Holmes | Canada | 96 Minutes.

Tags: Witches, Westchester, Sleepwalking, Curse, Cannibals, Suicide, Slave Owner, Schizophrenia.

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