Thursday, November 30, 2017

levelFILM Film Review - Suck It Up

Dealing with a terminal illness and the grief after the inevitable death can affect people in many different ways. Some can’t handle seeing a loved one in extreme pain as they wither away pain while others are present giving as much care and comfort as they can. It’s even more challenging when one of the two special people to the patient completely withdraws from the scene.  That’s the case here in Jordan Canning’s sophomore effort Suck It Up.

Ronnie (Grace Glowicki) and Faye (Erin Carter) are two former best friends and principals of the film. Ronnie has been on a self-destructive downward spiral since her brother’s Garrett’s death of cancer drinking and drugging constantly while spending time hanging out in her brother’s room wearing his clothes.  Faye who also happened to be Garrett’s ex-girlfriend is trying to land a job as a teacher having been estranged from the family since Garrett broke up with her a year ago to save her the fate of seeing him deteriorate. After a mishap with a lawnmower, Ronnie’s mom Dina (Nancy Kerr) calls Faye to come and help noting that her stepdaughter had hit rock bottom. At first, Faye tries to help Ronnie in the family Calgary home but then she takes a bold step of loading the passed out Ronnie into Garret's vintage Mustang for a road trip to the family Invermere  B.C. cottage for a change of scenery. The pair clash along stereotypical lines at first but soon revert more to the centre as they interact with several colourful locals.

Director Canning tells a story that has almost universal appeal. Just about everyone has suffered loss  and been in a situation where they felt that they had contributed more than someone else. The summer events chip away at Faye’s prim and proper exterior while Glowicki devours the role of wild child Ronnie taking the opportunity to breathe in all the goodness that the Columbia Valley can provide. Cinematographer Guy Godfree lens adds depth and context to the production displaying the Mountain ridges and lush valleys of the territory.

Suck It Up shows that millennials to have some depth responsibility and are willing to look out for each other. Especially taking into accounts today’s climate it was refreshing to see how often Ronnie’s friends and acquaintances looked out for her when she was in vulnerable positions. The film also had a strong message for those that have a health or physical issue that they can manage it and get on with life.

*** ½ Out of 4.

Suck It Up | Jordan Canning | Canada | 2017 |101 Minutes.

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