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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY -  Screens Wednesday April 20 at 12:00 PM.  Grades 4-6

Vicky and his little sister Kaku spend a lot of cherished time together. Their grandfather Dadu takes them to catch the public bus ever morning. They share the same bed at night and do their studies together. Their family does not have much money but the pair are always cheerful and happy.

One of Vicky's classmates Sachin tells him about a holiday called Mother's Day that is not well know in their town. The siblings become determined to get a present for their mother who they respect appreciate and love very much. Sachin implication that no present means they do not love their mother strike the pair very hard.

Director Ajuli Shulka crafts a heartwarming film that spans the spectrum emotion. Shulka goes handheld for the majority of the scenes where the siblings go on walkabout around her village. The camera is fixed for most of the classroom scenes along with those in the family home. The narrative describes a family that is poor in money but nowhere near that way in they attitudes and interactions with each other.

The family shop is failing so patriarch Pradeep decides to go back to Delhi to finally get tourism licence. While he is away Vicky and Kaku try several different methods to raise funds to get a present for their mother that is beyond their means. As they stumble in their efforts they become quiet and solemn as they are sure that failure means they do not love their mother as much as their other richer classmates that have all bought Mother's Day gifts.

The ensemble cast perform their roles well. Farzan Shaikh Nasir and Prapti Jani are solid as the two child leads. The easily portrait deep affection for each other and genuinely appear to enjoy each other's company. Look for Gufi Paintai as the Grandfather Dadu who is the backbone for the family and the voice of wisdom and reason. Happy joyful smiles and laughs are commonplace amongst the players in the family home.

Happy Mother's Day is straightforward tale with good social lessons on the important topics of greed, envy, selfishness, obedience, kindness and unconditional love. Well acted and entertaining despite its limited budget it's a film that will have a strong appeal to its targeted audience and beyond.

*** 1/2 Out of 4.

Happy Mother's Day | Anjuli Shulka | India | 2015 |108 Minutes.

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