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ANTBOY 3 -  Screens Saturday April 9 at 3:30 P.M.  Ages 10-13

Antboy (Oscar Dietz) has eradicated all crime in Middlelund. Things are so quiet he is planning to go to boarding school with his girlfriend Ida (Amalie Kruse Jensen). He is unsure how he will tell his friend Wilhelm (Samuel Ting Graf) that he is giving up Antboy and leaving town. Especially after  Wilhelm gives him an Antboy watch that doubles as a police scanner.

Soon the watch lights up due to a robbery in progress at a warehouse. Antboy arrives on his hello BMX bike only to be upstaged by a new hero on a skateboard. Antboy has no idea who this new masked rival is but due to his keen sense of smell he picks up the scent of sweet and lemons. Meanwhile at the big corporation in town Exoform Alice Dufort (Paprika Steen) has taken over her fathers company.  She has re decorated the entrance hallway with animal trophies from her hunting trips around the world. The company is working on mechanical suits that will be of service to first responders giving them increased strength and power to do their jobs. While at the prison his arch enemy The Flea (Nicholas Bro) is released having being rehabilitated.

Director Ask Hasselbalch completes his trio of Andboy films. This third one with the plot and storyline has the feel of a franchise coming to an end. Crime is down, Antyboys alter ego Pelle is set to leave town. Wilhelm is also indicating that he is off to school outside of Middlelund.

The Flea's alter ego Gaemelkra returns to the family home amid protests from the town citizens. They remember that he kidnapped their children and held them hostage. Gaemelkra insists he's changed including refusing initially to go back to Exoform to work. He eventually returns to find that the reason that Alice Dufort wants him back in the fold is vastly different from the original selling pitch.

Antboy 3 focuses from early on in the production on the next chapter of the main players lives. The film has the tone of a piece that is wrapping up a trilogy. The story features characters that play ever-changing roles during the film. A new threat in town leads to an unlikely alliance to defend Middlelund. The narrative moves quick but features several twist that should be enjoyable to its target audience.

*** out of 4

Antboy 3 | Ash Hasselbalch | Denmark | 2016 | 85 minutes.

Tags: Superhero, alter ego, boarding school, Sidekick, Big Game Hunting, Taxidermy, Comic Books.

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