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B.I.T.S. '18 Film Review - Shorts Showcase Part 1 Selected Reviews

He Likes it Rough

A woman (Kat Threlkeld) comes in her front door late at night. She crumples to the floor in the dark foyer crying. Something obviously did not go well that evening. She calls 911 but hangs up deciding to do something more personal.

Cut to another location with a close up of a medical degree for M.D. Steven Johnson Lifechangers (Steve Kasan) then on Steven himself and the other half of the story comes into focus. He is examining himself in the mirror as his wife who is away at a conference calls.

Next, we see how the woman has decided to handle the situation.  The camera zooms in as she starts an incantation with a busted lip.  Her choice has a devastating result that in hindsight would make her target wish that she had gone with her first instinct.

**** Out of 4.

He Likes It Rough | Kat Threlkeld | Canada | 2018 | 4:58

Tags: Date Rape, 911 Call, Business Trip, Witch, Incantation, Voodoo Doll, Fingernails, Scratch, Fire, Levitation, Torture.


Starting with a sweeping overhead shot pulling into and around a school and playground above the snow-covered ground. Frostbite opens with a sound piece of advice on how to spot the onset of frostbite. It's coming when the wind blows cold and the snow feels like splinters on your cheeks. If you don't dress warmly you also open yourself up to potentially catching it as well. The production uses an ingenious device to demonstrate. A group of students out in the woods without gloves decide to light a fire but frostbite still approaches claiming victims. The moral; cover up or you will get frostbite. Its an educational and entertaining feature written, directed, edited and acted by the Grade 5-9 Class at Kaw Tay Whee School in Dettah North West Territories.

*** 1/2 Out of 4.

Frostbite | Grade 5-9 Class Production | Canada | 2018 |  4:43.

Tags: Frostbite, Winter, Snow, Forest, Zippo, Fire, Gloves, School, Playground, Puppet, Victims, R.C.M.P.

Quiet Room Bears

Simon (Nick Smyth) is at his summer home ahead of his wife and child to get a jump on the remodeling of the home. He's met by a noisy forward neighbour Alex (Zoe Georgaras) that wants to encroach on his space and time. As he's about to head in the house he notices a teddy bear that he brings in putting it beside the one he has for his daughter Casey. The random bear has an effect on Simon losing track of time and making him feel ill. He continues to spiral downward as the influence of the bear increases. He doses off awaking to find himself in a transformed space where the terror truly begins.

**** Out of 4

Quiet Room Bears | Lee Howard | Canada | 2018 | 10:43

Tags; Summer Home, Teddy Bear, Sanitarium, Body Horror, Mask, Exacto Knife, Self Mutilation, Doll, Quiet Room, Urban Legend.

Santa's Helper

It turns out that the elves do all of Santa's dirty work and if they fail severe consequences await. Santa takes all of the glory delivering soon to be loved toys to the kids on the nice list. He gets to sit in a comfy chair and feast on milk and cookies But when you are naughty an elf will struggle ungracefully down the chimney to put a lump of coal in your stocking. Our unfortunate elf in this story (Ken Hall) is down to the last kid on his list Zoe (Zoe Hatz). He marks off her name then spies milk and cookies on a retro 80's television. He guzzles the milk falls down then wakes up tied up with 8- year- old Zoe watching over him. She has had enough, no more coal, leading to an epic negotiation where the elf promises to put in a good word with the old man if she will let him complete his task if not he will be condemned to suffer the ultimate punishment. It's a test of wills between two devious minds headed towards MAD Mutually Assured Destruction.

***1/2 Out of 4.

Santa's Helper | Andy Hatz | Canada | 2018 | 9:56

Christmas Eve, Elf, Stockings, List, Figurine, Milk & Cookies, Sleepy Pills, Coal, Shelf Elf.

The Suburbanight

Todd Petersen (Tom Edwards) and Aria Lefler (Melissa Thingelstad) don't get along as neighbours. He takes meticulous care of his yard while there's is full of high grass, thick leaves, and weeds. Her kid Stuart (Aidan Hamilton) is always paying in his yard leaving toys about that get stuck in the blades of his lawn mower. Now his dog Regal has gone missing and Mr. Peterson has an inkling that his neigbours may know more about it than they are letting on. The lights come on at night at the Lefler home. They have a mix of small animals in cages that have to breed.  Things come to a head when the noise from the T.V. gets loud, Stuart complains to his mom about what's for dinner and the mower is left running by the chain link fence between the two properties.  Mr. Peterson has had enough, comes storming over to confront his neighbour getting more than he bargained for as a result.

*** Out of 4.

The Suburbanight |  Eva Colmers | Canada | 2018 | 11:07

Tags: Lost Dog, Suburbs, Lawn Mower, Mulch, Guinea Pigs, Homework, Movie Night, Dinner.

Hunting Season

Callie (Hannah Levien) is working the graveyard shift at a 24-hour gas station. She's a recovering alcoholic therefore not allowed to drink. A report comes over the radio about a bear or possibly cougar attacks in the area.

Into the station comes some locals to fill up on their way out for hunt hoping to collect the10K reward.  They chirp her about her alcohol problem and her not so glamorous job. There also seems to be an electrical problem at the station. As the radio reports become more ominous retired cop Hank (Howard  Siegel) is the next one though on his way out after the beast. Callie gets more frustrated with her current state and how her drinking has brought her here. The latest radio update describes sighting of the beast in the vicinity of the station just as the power completely fails. The reward has been increased again with Callie finding herself in a spot where she could potentially collect or make a more altruistic choice.

*** Out of 4.

Hunting Season | Shannon Kohli | Canada | 2018 | 11:08

Tags: Alcoholic, Gas Station, Graveyard Shift, Animal Attacks, Solitaire, Crossbow, Arrow.

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