Monday, November 19, 2018

B.I.T.S. '18 Film Review - SuperGrid

N/R Canada 80 Minutes 2018.

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

From the creative team behind the WolfCop films comes SuperGrid set in a dystopian future where a large section of the population has been wiped out by an airborne microbial pneumoconiosis called the black lung. The population is warned in cheery P.S.A.'s from mining conglomerate Sino-Gazam to stay in the cities as the highway (SuperGrid) is mob controlled, unstable and littered with hijacking deadly terrorist tribes known as Jackals that will shoot you on sight. Smuggler Deke (Marshall Williams) last run on the grid for the conglomerate failed costing him dearly. His employer Lazio (Jonathan Cherry) demands that he go back out to complete the mission recommending that he team up with his old driver Jesse (Leo Farfard) who has retired from the game. They are not told the nature of the cargo as it's on a need to know basis and Sino Gazam heavy Guan Yin (Fei Ren) decides that they don't. The pair head out on the grid with Jesse's sharpshooter ex-wife North (Natalie Krill) watching their backs. Look for former W.W.E. superstar Christian Jay Reso as Kurtis head of the Jackal Border guard. Director Lowell Dean weaves a tale where those on the fringes are better equipped to see the big picture, able to set aside their differences to work together and do the right thing. It's always a valuable lesson especially in today's climate where our elected leaders are stuck in their ideological silos while leading C.E.O's are focused more on what's in it for them, profit and how will an action make them look. The film strong and timely message lurks below an abundant dose of action and chaos plus a jerry-rigged mix of new and old tech cementing its place in the genre alongside earlier Neill Blomkamp projects District 9 & Elysium, Paul Verhoeven's RoboCopTotal Recall and of course George Miller's Mad Max films.

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