Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fantasia 2015 Film Review - The Demolisher

Female Cop Down is the opening phrase of writer/director Gabriel Carrer's The Demolisher.  The Officer (Tianna Nori) attempted to stop a ritualistic sacrifice when the Cult members attacked her   leaving her paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.  Her husband Bruce (Ry Barrett) a cable repair man feels the need to get revenge for what happened to his wife Samantha.  He takes to dressing up in full body armour roaming the cities back alleys at night looking for criminals of any stripe to dispense some citizenry vigilante justice. Bruce has a heightened sense of duty now that he has to care for his disabled wife.  He sets his watch alarm to know when he has to get home to next inject her medication and wears their wedding rings on a chain around his neck to remind him of his commitment.

Bruce starts out punishing wrongdoers but as his need for violence and bloodlust grows his fuse shortens. After an unfortunate incident on a repair call his focus shifts to a young female (Jessica Vano) who happened by accident to pick up Bruce's chain that he lost in a theatre. Thus begins the main part of the film a relentless pursuit of Marie by the Demolisher over a long dark night through the streets of Toronto.

Carrer's film tells the story of a man who's world and mind turn inside out after a violent attack on his wife. Bruce takes to the streets to exact revenge but the weight of his situation is too much for him to bear. He starts to hear things, becomes increasing violent until anyone and everyone becomes a target of his wrath. Career paces the film well. The narrative peaks during the late night foot pursuit through city streets, empty buildings and in and out of stairwells. The story puts the vigilante into robotic mode as he steadily tracks Marie around the city.

Ry Barrett turns in a top notch brooding, concise bordering on mute performance as the title character. Instead of speaking his anger is often portrayed by body language. Closing the distance to get into someones space, fists clenching, neck muscles bulging and beating on his chest plate for effect. Jessica Vano shows resourcefulness as Marie.  She is willing to face her pursuer head on, tries to use any advantage she may gain in the confrontation and shows dogged determination to keep on moving and fighting.

The Demolisher is a tense impactful thriller showing ones man's meltdown as his grip on reality slips away.  Bruce's rage steadily consumes him until his actions are not different from those that he took up the billy club to defeat. The film features a strong sparsely worded narrative and is one that I can recommend.

*** Out of 4.

The Demolisher | Gabriel Career | Canada | 2015 | 85 Minutes.

Tags: Vigilante, Trauma, Chase, Body Armour, Gang, Cult, Sacrifice, Paralyzed, Police Officer.

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