Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Their Skin

I caught In Their Skin directed by Jeremy Power Regimbal (Canada 2012  96 Minutes ) at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Mary and Mark Hughes ( Selma Blair & Joshua Close) are in their SUV headed to the family cottage with their son Brendon and the family dog Harris.  There is not much talking between the couple but when they stop at the local service station  Brendon and Harris head out for some activity around the gas bar.

We soon learn that their 6 year old daughter recently died accidentally and the family is leaving their upscale life in the city to reconnect.

The family cottage is a substantial estate fit  all modern conveniences including  the latest video game for Bendon and acres of land to walk and roam.

The family goes out for an evening walk to discover an older model vehicle reviving its engine at their gates and shining headlights in their direction.

The next morning Mary and Mark awake to constant banging outside.  The neighbours placing wood outside for their use.

Mark introduces himself to the family and they have a son the same age as Brendon and arrange to come back for dinner at the Hughes's that night.  Mary is not happy with the invite or the news that Mark's brother may come up to visit as well during their stay in the country.

The Sakowsky's Bobby ( James D'Arcy) Jane (Rachel Minor) and Jared ( Alex Ferris) return that evening for a barbecue. They ask a lot of questions a out the Hughes but offer no information on themselves.

After Dinner Bendon and Jared head upstairs to play video games.  he boys have a dispute and the Neighbours leave.

They return later that night complete a violent act as a waring shot  which is only the beginning story  of  the terror unleashed on the Hughes over the next few hours.

In Their Skin is suspenseful and brings a different view to the home invasion story than portrayed before.

Janes D' Arcy delivers a haunting performance as Bobby and Alex Ferris is especially erie as Jared who the Sakowsky's pass off as  a peer of Brendon. Rachel Minor is also good playing Jane with a sunny disposition despite the terror being raged by her kin while Selma Blair is raw and understated as Mary.

The Film also raises some interesting points about identify theft and how there is so much information out there on everyone in the press and by extension online. Someone can cut out a newspaper clipping, determine that your life is better that theirs perfect and make a conscious decision to assume your life.

Rating *** out of 4

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