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Things are not going well Dolph Springer. His clock every morning changes from 7:59 AM to 7:60 AM.  His house is empty, his dog Paul is missing , at the office it rains everyday and Dolph continues to go to work despite the fact he was fired two weeks previously.

These are a few of the opening sequences of Quentin Dupieux Wrong (94 Minutes U.S.A.)

The day Paul goes missing Dolph ( Jack Plotnick)  decides to order a Pizza and gets into a meaningful conversation with the order taker but decides not to order; when a pizza arrives anyway with a note requesting a face to face meeting Paul throw out the pizza and his groundskeeper Victor is the benefactor.

Later Dolph meets Master Chang (William Fichtner) who admits that he stole Paul's dog and that He does this a lot to make dog owners appreciate their pets by missing them for a couple of days. Master Chang learns that Paul is actually out of his possession therefore he cannot return the dog to Dolph as promised. Master Chang does give Dolph a book that he can use to lean to telepathically reach Paul.

Meanwhile Paul's gardener Victor is working to replace a palm tree that has mysteriously turned into an evergreen in his back yard while Paul goes to work to be told not to come back by the boss as his daily appearances are making his former co workers uncomfortable.

Dolph returns home to find Emma (Alexis Dziena) with all of her possessions still in her Pizza company uniform. Emma cannot understand why Dolph is surprised to see her since they discussed that she was going to leave her husband to come to live with him. Emma not realizing that it was Victor not Dolph that she met earlier thinking he just looks a little different. Emma tries to connect with Dolph but he is focused on the pointers in the book from Master Chang as he attempts to reach Paul telepathically.

Master Chang sends pet detective Ronnie ( Steve Little) to help find Paul. Ronnie asks Dolph a series of questions and ends up picking up feces from the yard that he will use to track down the dog.

Dolph's neighbour Mike checks in from the road He is driving towards the end of the world in search of the absolute.  Mike is a jogging fanatic that never admits that he jogs at all.

Pet Detective Ronnie needs to see Dolph as he has a lead.  Detective Ronnie has a tool that analyzed  the feces sample to find out that Paul was taken by van from his yard which Dolph already know. Ronnie is furious that Dolph and Master Chang withheld the information and concerned about payment for his services.

Dolph is left without any leads or hope to find Paul when the film gives one last turn to bring matters to a conclusion.

Wrong is an off centre film with loads of  fresh images , unique dialogue and subject matter from the mind of Director Quentin Dupieux who brought us the equally off centre Rubber  a little story about a  killer with telepathic powers.

Rating *** out of 4

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